The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
SmithLindsey C. December1983
SmithLisa Foster August2000
SmithLois April1994
SmithLorene Gray March1999
SmithLt. Com. Harry October1971
SmithLt. Comm. Michael J. October1980
SmithLynn H.July2015
SmithM. Delano March2007
SmithMabel C. May1996
SmithMarian March1999
SmithMartha January2002
SmithMary J. December2012
SmithMazie Swindell December1984
SmithMelvin G. August1997
SmithMenda H. July2004
SmithMeredith Mecham December1992
SmithMichael R.August2018
SmithMildred August1992
SmithNancy W.March2010
SmithNed A. November1984
SmithOfficer J. T. August2002
SmithPaul September1987
SmithPaul S. June1992
SmithPaula Yvonne (MD, CCHP)December2017
SmithPeter John February1971
SmithPhilip H. (SMSGT)February2014
SmithPhyllis W. July2009
SmithR. MitchApril2015
SmithRay G. March2000
SmithReverend William Milton July1982
SmithRichard F. December1984
SmithRickey March2009
SmithRobert Charles November1977
SmithRobert Douglas "Doug"August2014
SmithRobert EarlMarch2017
SmithRobert W. January2008
SmithRobin W. December2012
SmithRodney January2009
SmithRoger W. October1993
SmithSamuel Cooper October1982
SmithSamuel O. December1993
SmithSandra HurleyMay2017
SmithSgt. Robert D. October1998
SmithSharon December1975
SmithSharon P.September2017