The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
SmithH. Bayne May1986
SmithH. Bruce July1988
SmithH. R. Reggie August1997
SmithHardy June1983
SmithIda M. June1982
SmithJ. Douglas September1983
SmithJ. Kermit August1992
SmithJ. Marshall March2000
SmithJ. Oliver November2000
SmithJames “BonecrusherAugust1995
SmithJames “BonecrusherMay1993
SmithJames Michael, Jr.January2018
SmithJames Peeler June2002
SmithJames W. “BubbaJuly1992
SmithJane June1979
SmithJane B. December2008
SmithJane H. October2001
SmithJane McDuffie June2000
SmithJane Q. June2003
SmithJeffery August2011
SmithJeffrey LeeApril2013
SmithJennifer SnipesApril2019
SmithJerry February2008
SmithJim September1980
SmithJo Ann December1998
SmithJoe January1984
SmithJohn August1971
SmithJohn BenjaminMay2013
SmithJohn M. March2011
SmithJohn W.May2015
SmithJoy RebeccaDecember2013
SmithJoyce September2013
SmithJudy December1984
SmithKaren January2004
SmithKaren J. May1980
SmithKathy April1988
SmithKathy Allen July1999
SmithKenneth G. November2004
SmithKenneth H. April2004
SmithKenneth L.November2017
SmithKenneth W. September2005
SmithKennetha December2012
SmithKenny September1987
SmithKent September2005
SmithKirby L. March1984
SmithL. C. November2007
SmithLarry S. (Interim Chief of Police)June2016
SmithLarry W.March2015
SmithLarry W. February2005
SmithLes August1982