The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
SobotkaPaul Alan (M.D.)
SodhiVimal K. (Colonel, MD, Retired)August2016
SolbergHilmar L. May1973
SoleibHassan February1982
SolesDanny J. December2008
SolesR. C. December2012
SolomonA. W. June1983
SolomonAl May1979
SolomonBishop Frank July1980
SolomonGeorge ThomasApril2017
SolomonLawrence M. September2008
SolomonLillie September1988
SolomonRuel L. June2001
SolowayRichard A. February1995
SomerbyR. A. September1984
SomervilleWendell C. August1989
SommerkampFrank M. August1977
SommervilleDr. Lewis C. March1979
SomrakNancy L. April2007
SongerWesley A. March1967
SonnFranklin May1995
SonovickRoy D. April2002
SopherMelinda B.March2010
SorensenDrew March1988
SorensenJorgen Tolstrup June1981
SorensenRoald H. March1988
SorrellCallie S. April2005
SorrellJames O.July2014
SorrellsMark A.December2018
SorrelsC. RobertOctober2015
SorrelsJohn Lawrence September1988
SortiniDianne M. February2007
SoudersBarry I. June1998
SouthardWilliam Kent November2001
SoutherDanny VirgilDecember2018
SoutherlandG. C. June1987
SoutherlandGwendolyn H. June2004
SoutherlandHarry L.June2016
SoutherlandJ. Kert August2001
SoutherlandR. A. (Bob)July2017
SouthernMichael T.February2018
Southern Mickey W.October2013
SouthernSamuel O. December1998
SouthernSgt. Timothy V. March2008
Southern Jr.Gilbert Edwin June2009
SouthersRobert E.March2016
SowadaDaniel E. August1989