The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
SmitheartRonald L. December1976
SmithermanWanda S. March2002
Smithfield Packing Co November1982
SmithiesOliver October2007
Smock Jr.Roger D.November2013
SmootJ. Watson February1981
SmothersBilly November1972
SmothersRebecca R. January2001
SmtihNezzie M. November2004
SmyreGlenn F. January1999
SmyreRobert L. August2002
SmytheBob November1984
SnadstromEric Nove
SneadEleanor July2006
SneadEugene ColtonNovember2013
SneadKenneth R., Jr.June2018
SneadLawrence C. March2003
SneadWaylon D. March1986
Snead Sr.Kenneth Ray March1994
SneedHelen T. May1984
SnellRaymond August1979
SnelsonDave June1971
SniderCliff (Santa) August2012
SnipesArchie January2004
SnipesCharles M. March1987
SnipesElizabeth C. (Betsi)April2015
SnipesLillian W. May1982
SnipesVernell January1976
SnodgrassDavid A. September2006
SnowAlice E. August1980
SnowC. C. January1985
SnowDr. Jack March1996
SnowMarion October1984
SnowWiley W. June2005
SnowdenBarbara BlytheApril2010
SnowdonSam T., Jr.May2014
SnyderD. W. February1970
SnyderDr. & Mrs. W. W. December1971
SnyderDr. Walstein December1984
SnyderGeorge P. April1997
SnyderHenry B.June2013
SnyderHolly Lorinda August1980
SnyderLaura H. September2012
SnyderLt. Ronald D. September1998
SnyderMichael December2012
SnyderRoger (posthumous) December2012