The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
SoutherlandGwendolyn H. June2004
SoutherlandHarry L.June2016
SoutherlandJ. Kert August2001
SoutherlandR. A. (Bob)July2017
SouthernMichael T.February2018
Southern Mickey W.October2013
SouthernSamuel O. December1998
SouthernSgt. Timothy V. March2008
Southern Jr.Gilbert Edwin June2009
SouthersRobert E.March2016
SowadaDaniel E. August1989
SowellRobert S. May2006
SowersKevin W. (MSN,RN,FAAN)October2018
SowersRoy G. November1992
SpahrLloyd June1972
SpainBryant Douglas July1983
SpainhourW. ErwinNovember2014
SpainhourWendy B.December2017
SpanglerRay W. April2000
Spangler Jr.C. D. December1984
Spangler Jr.Carl May1982
SpannDr. William M. February1999
SparksCarolyn May1999
SparksDennis Parley April2003
SparksRichard L. December1976
Sparks Jr.Herbert Henry December1982
SparrowDr. Keats October2005
SparrowRay October1980
SpaughJayne L. May2012
SpauldingAsa T. January1988
SpauldingBelivia D.October2018
SpauldingElna B. August1995
SpauldingMaria December2006
SpeakeRobert August1978
SpeaksBishop Ruben February1985
SpeaksBishop Ruben L. April1984
SpearTimothy L. July2005
SpearsWayne August1992
Spears IIIDr. Alexander W. January2001
SpeasRonald E.January2016
Speas Jr.Edwin M. August2003
Special Friends Class June1993
SpeedCol. Charles A. November1992
SpeedMartha October1996
SpeedSenator James June1981
SpeedThe Honorable James Jim October1996
SpeerNeal A.January2015
SpeerRonald L. April2001