The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
SpruillSheriff Fred A. November2006
SpruillSheriff Fred Allen September1992
SpruillThomas W.November2014
SpruillVenus MicheleJune2010
SpruillVernon, Jr.May1984
Spruill Vernon, Sr.May1984
SpryDoyle December1994
SpryMayor Grady August2002
Spuller Ph.D.Robert May1999
SpurlingDorothy J. December2008
Square MallSouth November1982
SquierThomas Keith October2002
SquireElizabeth Daniels June2000
SquiresMichael KentAugust2017
SquiresWilliam H. November1963
Squires Jr.Daniel W. April2007
St. ClairSamMarch2019
St. Clair Sr. Mitchell A.December2012
St. JohnShannon December1992
St. OngeDonald October2006
StablerMark Powell May2000
StacksEarlene (Mrs.)June2018
StacyCarey I. June1981
StacyDonald KelvinJuly2014
Stacy Jr.Horace E. August2005
StaffordBetsy December1981
StaffordDaniel K.December2015
StaffordE. Bow March1995
StaffordHarriet BlackMay2017
StaffordJean September2007
Stafford Jr. Thomas H.April2012
StagesCarl June1984
StaggsPatrick V.March2013
StahlBil February1995
StahlCarol KimballOctober2013
StahlDonald Wellington April1991
StahlGregg C. December2000
StaleyCharles C.April2010
StaleyDarrell A. January2008
StalkerHarold ThomasMay2018
StallingsCynthia N. June2009
StallingsDanny C. February2006
StallingsDonna J.July2017
StallingsGeorge AlvinJune2010
StallingsHolly August1980
StallingsJ. T. March2003
StallingsJoe October2001
StallingsM. C. May1980
StallingsNancy R. December1992