The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
StamPaul "Skip" (Representative)July2016
StambaughDeborah June1972
StameyPeggy November1993
StameyRalph V. June2001
StameyToney L. August2001
StameyWilliam G. May1994
StameyWilliam M.November2018
StamperMary D. August1980
StamperMickey LavierApril2014
StanbackCharles February1995
StanbackFred and Alice October1999
StanbackWilliam C. April1982
StancilKaren Langdon October2012
StancilM. W. June1981
StancilM. W. October1987
StancillLinwood E. May2009
StandridgeBob J. January1976
StandridgeF. J. January1976
StanelyBarbara H. March2007
StanfordCarl August1971
StanfordMartha Ann December2005
StangerRobert April2012
StanksC. V. January1965
StanleyCapitola "Cappie"October2015
StanleyDonna June1980
StanleyJack W. November2012
StanleyJames PJ October2011
StanleyJohn (Dr.)February2016
StanleyJoseph K. January2001
StanleyKarl H. (Dr.) (MD)June2015
StanleyLarry January2009
StanleyRichard LynnDecember2017
StanleyRobert Allison Lee August2012
StanleyRuth P. January1967
StanleyV. Beatrice January2005
StanleyWilliam H. Bill November2000
StansburyHudson C. June1981
StantliffTroy (Chief)December2017
StaplefooteH. E. June1981
StaplefordMaster Sgt Jerry L. June1995
StaplesAlton Bray April1993
StarkloffKyle L.August2017
StarlingClaude Dees November1980
StarlingGeorge W.December2010
Starling Jr.Kenneth Ruffin July2009
Starling Sr. Charles M.December2012
StarnesGene Marvin, Sr.February2014