The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
StephensDonald W.October2017
StephensHal J. February2007
StephensHarris June1979
StephensIva April1982
StephensJan October2012
StephensJudy E.May2013
StephensKedius P. August1971
StephensRhonda September2001
StephensRosie J. August2004
StephensThomas E. December1985
StephensonA. J. December1996
StephensonDemetrise July1995
StephensonGrady O. December1992
StephensonJanet N. February1998
StephensonM. Durwood January2001
StephensonMonte C.October2010
StephensonNathaniel R. June2012
StephensonRhonda D. August2008
StephensonShelby April2011
StephensonThomas CraytonJune2010
StephensonThomas W. April1999
StephensonWilliam H. July1981
StepienZygmunt July1980
SteppDiane B. April2007
SterlingThomas E. December1995
SternDr. Larry N. August1992
SternDr. Thomas L. December1975
SternalBranch K. November1993
StevensAlan R. August2002
StevensBart September1971
StevensBob Knott August2012
StevensCatherine May2007
StevensCharles December1984
StevensCraig November1980
StevensDonna April1992
StevensDr. Overa S. December1986
StevensGary G. July2002
StevensHugh January1985
StevensJames Robert, Jr.December2016
StevensJane BuieDecember2010
StevensJohn S. January1985
StevensJudy W. June2012
StevensKerr Thomas July2001
StevensLes December1984
StevensMichael (1SG)April2017
StevensPaul KingFebruary2015
StevensRichard Yates June2000
StevensRoy October1996