The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
StevensScott A.September2018
StevensTonia G. April2006
StevensVirginia A.December2010
StevensWondra D. October2009
StevensonEdward February1974
StevensonEdward E. March1976
Stevenson Jr.George November2006
StewartAlice May2000
StewartBill July1995
StewartBlair October1992
StewartCarl J., Jr.October2017
StewartCarol October2002
StewartDanny C. December2012
StewartDebra W. April2000
StewartEdwin P. July1981
StewartElizabeth October1999
StewartEloise February1991
StewartGilbert Terry December2011
StewartGwindy F.December2010
StewartJ. W.March2013
StewartJimmy DaleJune2016
StewartJohn BrianAugust2018
StewartJohn PaulSeptember2013
StewartJonathan T. June1992
StewartKen January1984
StewartMark October1992
StewartPat N.September2014
StewartPearson January1990
StewartRichard C.January2019
StewartRichard I. January2011
StewartRoy October1992
StewartRuby July1970
StewartSarah K. October1992
StewartSharon W.April2017
StewartStanley D. November1998
StewartThomas January1985
StewartThomas C., IINovember2014
Stewart Jr.Carl J. October1986
Stewart Jr.James B. Novemer2009
Stewart Jr.Robert G. June1984
StichtJ. Paul December1984
StickDavid May1996
StienekeDan January2009
StifelWilliam F. October1982
StikeleatherSylvia December1984
StikeleatherSylvia S. July1997
StilesBarbara May2005
StilwellMary September2013