The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
StichtJ. Paul December1984
StickDavid May1996
StienekeDan January2009
StifelWilliam F. October1982
StikeleatherSylvia December1984
StikeleatherSylvia S. July1997
StilesBarbara May2005
StilwellMary September2013
StinesBill J. May1997
StinesJeffery D.March2016
StinesMildred V.December2010
StinesMildred Victoria January1990
StinsonWilliam R. March2013
StirewaltTommy March2006
StithDavid W. December1992
StithMartha Davis April2004
StithThomas A. May1987
StivenderAllison Bass December2012
StivenderRobert M. January2009
StockPaul H. August2011
StockardMr. & Mrs. John December1971
StockertCandy June2018
StocknerJim December1998
StocksMary Rose November2003
StocksMary Rose Sutton August2005
StocktonGrady September1984
StocktonGrady C. March2008
StoddardBrian J. March2012
StognerWilliam L. February1974
StokesAndrew ColemanApril2016
StokesBrandon S.January2019
StokesClair November1972
StokesGlenn HawkinsMay2017
StokesHonorable Louis October1984
StokesLauren February1968
StokesNorma L.September2013
StokesPamela F.June2018
StokesTheophilus O., Jr. (Mr.)August2015
StonbrakerHarry Glenn Stony December2000
StoneBeverly FarringtonJune2010
StoneCharles Sumner February2012
StoneCommand Sgt Mjr Wm M. September1997
StoneDaniel Joseph October1999
StoneDwight Linwood June2011
StoneGordon W. December2003
StoneH. Dean November2000
StoneHerman A. December2008