The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
StricklandBobbie B. June1996
StricklandBobby S. October2000
StricklandCol Donald B. October1984
StricklandDoris E. August1997
StricklandEarlean W. May1997
StricklandEdwin Ray June2012
StricklandEileen June2005
StricklandEvangeline C. January2009
StricklandFrances W. November1996
StricklandGarland E. October1984
StricklandHon James R. November1995
StricklandJames B. July1985
StricklandJames Earl April2000
StricklandJames Franklin May2001
StricklandJefferson B. October2000
StricklandLouise October1992
StricklandLucille S. December2005
StricklandMary McHoseJuly2017
StricklandNancy February2006
StricklandO. W. December1984
StricklandPatricia December1992
StricklandRobert October1992
StricklandRoosevelt December2003
StricklandRuebelle June1991
StricklandSandra Diane May1971
StricklandSandra G. January2011
StricklandScott W. July2012
StricklandSharon RackleyJune2018
StricklandSheri March2012
Strickland III C. BarbourAugust2012
Strickland Jr.Bruce March1996
Strickland Jr.Joseph H. January2004
StrineElaine June1972
StringerLew W. (M.D.)October2016
StrobelDana June1981
StromJim February1995
StrongMarvin Patrick March2000
StrotherJackie April2007
StroudClarence Ivan January2003
StroudDaisy Spears September2011
StroudE. Stephen December2000
StroudEdwin D. June2006
StroudEdwin D. May2009
StroudKaren March2009
StroudMajor Terry Clifton June2003
StroudPhilip December1971
StroudReginald L.April2017
StroudWayne G. April2012
Stroud Jr.Charles Robert June2004