The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
SumpterDale March1982
SundaramSusheela June1971
SunderCharles H. Col.December2010
SunderCharlie and Eileen June2008
SuomalainenRisto Juhani September1969
SurfaceSallie PaitApril2015
SurlesKathryn B. November1992
SurlesWilliam S. April2012
SurrattBob G. August1983
SurrattDolan Allen June2005
SurrattShelby January1980
SurrattSteven G. June2002
Surratt Jr.C. W. December1984
SutherlandJohn October2009
SutphinPaul April1980
SuttleRuth Ann December2002
SuttleSpecial Atty. Gen. John H. September2000
SuttonBen, Jr.July2014
SuttonBryan November2004
SuttonCaptain C. W. October1978
SuttonCaptain Chester W. May1983
SuttonCharline S. October2005
SuttonErnest July2007
SuttonJanie PinkstonAugust2016
SuttonLane F. August1999
SuttonLinda Rouse November2000
SuttonLinwood E.June2014
SuttonMarie L.June2014
SuttonMary Lou January2009
SuttonRonnie Neal January2011
SuttonTony B. November2011
SuttonWesley and VivianNovember2016
SuttonWilliam Hobbs December2011
Sutton Sr.Ernest Robert June1994
Svara Ph.D.James H. January2006
SwaimBobbie S. May2012
SwaimElinor May1995
SwaimElinor September1989
SwaimElinor H. August1992
SwaimGary G. June2007
SwaimJason (Captain)July2013
SwaimSamuel L.January2010
SwaimSteven L.May2013
SwainAnnie July1992
SwainDennie October1992
SwainEarnest A. August1989