The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
SwoffordWilliam August1984
SwoopeMary June2012
SwopeJohn H. October1990
SwoszowskiBob May1983
SwygertH. Patrick October1996
SykesClaude O. February1983
SykesDewayne L.July2014
SykesJo Ann January2012
SykesJohn H. October2000
SykesMary Ann March2012
SykesSteven A.June2016
Sylvester Jr.John December1995
Sylvester Jr.Leon Ward January2002
SyriaSally M. August2007
SzatkowskiLee June2007
SzawaraMary W. May2017
SzymczykSallie February2009
Tabory May1987
TackerJoe C. March1974
TadlockGerald November2003
TaftCol. Howland October1992
TaftDonald Harry, Jr.April2019
TaftTimothy N.April2015
TajeriGholam Reza March1974
TakakuHiroshi September1994
TalaricoFrank J. September1986
TalbertArdis Wayne September2012
TalbertDr. Luther M. November2003
TalbertW. Dale July2009
TalbertWilliam F. November1976
TalbotDon September2009
TalbuttJulia Ann June2009
TaleCharlie D. April1980
TallentGene September1998
TallentTimothy Norton June1992
TalleyBrenda P. January2007
TalleySarah S.April2017
TalleyV. F. May1984
Talley Jr.Dr. Banks C. April1995
TallyLura January1985
TallyLura Self April1981
TallyVirginia S. August2011
TaltonArlene G. March2011
TaltonJ. Harold April2004
TaltonLelia Elizabeth June1983
Talton Jr.James R. March2003
TamblingDavid August1992
TanasKhalil S. (Dr.)January2016
TangerSteven B.November2010
TankardDorothy M. January1984