The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
TannRickey B. August2012
TannRonald E. (MSG)May2018
TannerEileen May1997
TannerJohn October2003
TanneryGraham A.August2014
Tannis F.Nelson April2000
TantBrenda K. August2001
TantChristopher E.March2019
TantDale D. December1996
TantStanley C. April1995
TappPeggy Johnson August2007
TapscottBarbara M. December1984
TapscottBarbara M. October1992
TapscottDr. Barbara January1984
TarazonaRegenia D. September2008
TarletonCullie M. December2012
TarletonDoyce T. June2007
TarletonThomas E. March2000
TarltonBetty O. August1991
TartArvle December2000
TartDr. John December1984
TartFrances J. January2002
TartJeanne GoffJuly2006
TartMelody H.September2016
TartRicky G. September2012
TartRowland DwightDecember2016
TartStephen Denning July2009
TarwaterMichael C.June2016
TaskArnold March1989
TateDavid May2012
TateEarl VanceAugust2016
TateHelen Whitfield June1995
TateHonorable Samuel December1984
TateJohn Austin, IIIMarch2015
TateLisa Ann February1983
TateMarjorie December2000
TateMary December1984
TateSarah Lindsay June1993
TateStanley February1984
TateSuzanne C.December2010
Tate 12Suzanne C. 31110
Tate Jr.Allen November2008
Tate Jr.John A. April2007
TatumAllyn C. July1981
TatumCurtis Norman, Jr.October2016
TatumVada C. February2000
TatumWilliam P. December2011
Tatum Jr.Rupert E. June2006
TauHis Excellency Nicolae December1995
TaubJoseph Sherwood July2004