The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
ThomasLt. Col. Phillip J. May1980
ThomasLuther RayFebruary2013
ThomasMelanie W. December2006
ThomasMildred M. December2006
ThomasMiriam February2001
ThomasNelson Nichols August1997
ThomasP. A. December1992
ThomasPeggy April2006
ThomasRalph J. February1982
ThomasRegina S.April2017
ThomasReverend W. H. June1981
ThomasRita ElaineApril2010
ThomasSandra F. March2012
ThomasSenator Joseph E. May1982
ThomasSpecial Atty. Gen. Jerry B. August1996
ThomasStephen (Dr.)February2015
ThomasSue July1992
ThomasTami C. December2012
ThomasTed L. February2009
ThomasVincent B. (Dr.) July2012
ThomasW. Michal October1979
ThomasW. R. Tommy July1985
ThomasWendy L.September2017
ThomasWilliam Bill May1997
ThomasWilliam Michael May2011
Thomas Jr. Charles E.June2012
Thomas Jr.Mason P. December1984
Thomas Jr.Ralph L. December2000
Thomas Jr. (Dr.) Colin G.September2012
Thomas Ph.D.Frank Bancroft December1988
Thomas Sr.Ralph January1999
Thomas-JonesCathy February2004
ThomasonFrank Taylor, IIIDecember2017
ThomasonJackson Ricky August2007
ThomassonH. R. November1993
ThompsonAngus B. June1979
ThompsonAnnie N.July2010
ThompsonBetty October1992
ThompsonBetty J. July2002
ThompsonBoyce October1992
ThompsonBradford T. March1999
ThompsonCalvin Coolidge May1992
ThompsonCaptain Darrell May1983
ThompsonColonel Gary A.October2010
ThompsonD. CarrNovember2014
ThompsonDaisy August2002
ThompsonDanny R. May2006
ThompsonDeanna December1992