The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WebbLucille January1994
WebbPhilip G. December1975
WebbR. Patterson November1985
WebbReginald H. January1984
WebbRick August2000
WebbRick and PhyllisOctober2016
WebbRobert G. June1997
WebbWilli T. October1992
WebbWilliam December1992
Webb IIIWhitmel H. May1999
Webb Jr.Dr. H.T. TobyDecember2010
WebberAugustus R. "Gus"December2014
WeberPete August1971
WeberPriscilla Ann January2009
WebsterAllen June1979
WebsterBobby R. July1987
WebsterJerry D. November2002
WebsterJoseph September1987
WebsterPerry L.January2014
WebsterRichard H. (Sheriff)May2016
WebsterSandra J. June1990
WebsterWesley D. December1984
WedlockBobby M. December1976
WeedmanRobert June1983
WeedonFrank May1996
WeedyChris June1996
WeeksCindy VisnichNovember2018
WeeksGlenn RayDecember2013
WeeksGregory June2012
WeeksJames K. May2011
WeeksMichael D. July2000
WeeksSam December1995
WeemsDr. John E. June1998
WeemsJohn E. May1980
WeemsRonnie L., Jr.March2018
WegnerDean Judith April1999
WehrenbergKerstin November1984
WehuntTeresa J. August1980
WeiglEdward D.March2011
WeilEmily N. November2005
Weinhold Jr.Donald L. April1982
WeinsteinDavid F. March1974
WeinsteinDavid F.May2017
WeisBill E. June2009
WeisPamela U. October2005