The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WardB. F. May1984
WardBetty LouAugust2016
WardBetty P. January2001
WardCarl October1992
WardCharles H. January2001
WardCharles VictorOctober2019
WardDaly January1983
WardDana W.January2018
WardDavid R.December2012
WardDeborah E.August2016
WardDon M. July1993
WardDr. Chester L. August1980
WardDr. John C. March1979
WardDr. Tom January2011
WardDuane T.February2018
WardEllen Whitehurst December2003
WardEthel G.April2013
WardEthel G. April2012
WardEverett B. (Dr.)November2018
WardFelix L.August2013
WardJ. LaTerrie (Ms.)March2016
WardJ. T. June1972
WardJack May1982
WardJack C. January1995
WardJames January2005
WardJeffrey MichaelAugust2018
WardJerry D.December2014
WardJohn LeeNovember2018
WardJohn S. October1978
WardKader B. May2006
WardKaye B.April2010
WardL. T.June2015
WardLucille Rhodes December2012
WardMarion H. (Colonel)April2014
WardMary Anne September2002
WardMelvin Vance May2004
WardMichael Edward August2004
WardPamala RennixMarch2017
WardR. V. March1973
WardRobert H. November1979
WardRobert M. October2011
WardSharon S. July1992
WardShelton R. August1980
WardSusan BrownSeptember2013
WardThe Hon Hallett S. September1997
WardThomas Ray October2005
WardWilliam T.March2019
Ward Jr.Alvah Haff June1995
Ward Jr.David L. November1992