The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WellsThomas R.April2017
WelshJohn R. May1974
WelshPolly Godwin (RN-C) July2012
WelshPolly Godwin (RN-C) July2012
WelshRobert J. July1971
WennerPhilip October1982
WensilRicky T. June2012
WensilRicky T. June2012
WentworthThomas R. (Dr.)November2018
WentzMajor Matt June2006
WentzRobert E. October1992
WentzVerna February2008
WentzWalter O. September1984
WentzWalter O. September1984
WentzyDavid Albert (Dr.) October2012
WentzyDavid Albert (Dr.) October2012
WenzelCarl L. June1979
WernerAl June1979
WernerCynthia Lundy June2008
WernerEmile W. March1979
WernerKeith E.December2016
WernerPaul E. December1992
WernerThomas W. December2006
WernessJohn December1970
WerthChristopher August1980
WertisMonique CaronDecember2016
WesleyAnnette September2000
WessReverend Donald J. May1982
WessellCharles David September1988
WessonMax July2002
WestBetsy L.May2018
WestColonel C. Michael December1985
WestDavid E. January2012
WestElizabeth D.June2016
WestJames A. September2003
WestJames P.September2010
WestJanet March1999
WestJimmy D. January2012
WestJimmy D. November2011
WestJohn E. August2005
WestKenneth R. May1996
WestKevin R. January2009
WestLynn October1992
WestMark September1985
WestMilton E. “Gene"December2003
WestMontgomery Volunteer Fire DepartmentMay1984
WestOpal H. December1986
WestPhyllis E. June2012
WestRobert V.April2017