The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WestRoger (Representative)June2016
WestSadie L. August2012
WestSara N. September2003
WestSarah M. July1984
WestStephen A. August1980
WestWallace and Virginia January1995
West Jr.Paul D. November2006
West Jr.T. C. December1984
West Jr.Togo D. April1994
West Jr. Lon Hugh August2011
WestallForrest R. February2005
WestbrookRichard E.January2016
WestbrookTerry E.April2017
WestbrooksRebecca MarksDecember2014
WesterDr. Thad B. December1994
WesterEmily W. July1994
WesterPaulette Felton April2011
WesterSusan F. February2003
WesthrookStokes September1980
WestmorelandRebecca February2005
WestonDiana B.December2018
WetherbeeRobert June1983
WetherfordLawrence E. June1988
WetheringtonJohn Percy, Jr.October2017
WetzellCharles Armstrong April2003
WhaleyHugh January2004
WhaleyRita R. November2005
WhalvinHenry May1984
WhalvinHenry May1984
WhatleyRobin B.March2019
WheatDeborah S. October2008
WheelerAubrey L. July1987
WheelerBilly EddMay2014
WheelerCharles H. June2004
WheelerDr. Lawrence J. March1983
WheelerGrady December1992
WheelerHarold D. January1976
WheelerJoseph G. December2007
WheelerLarry January1984
WheelerSudie August1991
WheelerTerry December1993
WheelerTerry L. June2011
WheelerTerry L. June2011
Wheeler IIICharles T. September1983
Wheeler Jr. John AlbertJuly2012
WheelessKathleen S. April2017
WhelesLois October1992