The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WalkerDeanie R. June2001
WalkerDonald H. February2009
WalkerDosie March1996
WalkerDr. George November1997
WalkerDr. LeRoy Tashreau October1996
WalkerEdward M. January1992
WalkerElijah G. October2007
WalkerElma Jones September1984
WalkerEmmet H. (Mickey) September1986
WalkerFrances September1986
WalkerFreeland S. October2007
WalkerGeorge K. December1985
WalkerHarry November1980
WalkerJack W. June2011
WalkerJacquelyn E. December2009
WalkerJames Ralph January2005
WalkerJerry Jeff October1994
WalkerJohnny August2001
WalkerJudy R. July2009
WalkerKaren Kaye September2012
WalkerLeroy T. June1971
WalkerLeRoy T. January1988
WalkerLeRoy T. January2005
WalkerMarc D. January2012
WalkerMarsha E.September2010
WalkerMaster Sergeant Norman H. April1993
WalkerNorman H. (CSM)April2006
WalkerPatsy L.May2013
WalkerR. A. L. “BudJune1994
WalkerRay January1987
WalkerReverend Thomas L. July1981
WalkerRon June1981
WalkerSherri H.April2018
WalkerStan S. (SMSgt.)January2015
WalkerStephanie M. June1981
WalkerStuart November1993
WalkerThe Honorable Ralph A. December2008
WalkerTimothy MilsonOctober2018
WalkerWarren F. May2012
WalkerWilliam Conway January1998
WalkerWilliam Thomas, Jr. (MD)May2016
Walker Jr.Judge Russell G. December2004
Walker Sr.Bishop George W. C. June2006
WallBillie S. July1991
WallDianne W. January2000
WallDonald February1983
WallDonald C.November2010
WallDr. G. Ritchie March1979