The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WallDonald C.November2010
WallDr. G. Ritchie March1979
WallEdmond O. June1994
WallGrace M. March1980
WallJames September2008
WallJames Donald July2002
WallJames Pearson, IIIDecember2016
WallJerry November1992
WallJimmiy E. March2011
WallJohn J. December2012
WallLinda December2008
WallLouis EdwardApril2010
WallMonsignor John June2005
WallMyrtle G. April1982
WallNeedham "Dusty"May2014
WallPearl D. December1981
WallPeggy March1998
WallRandy L. (Pastor)June2015
WallRonnie K. (Mayor)December2015
WallStephen L. July2008
Wall CCSW ACSWAudrey V. September1995
WallaceAngela Y. August1980
WallaceBarrie March1983
WallaceBecky W. October2000
WallaceBecky W. January2003
WallaceBessie L. May1979
WallaceBill January1984
WallaceBilly JoeMarch2014
WallaceBryan K.February2011
WallaceBryan Keith May2007
WallaceCharlie June1981
WallaceDaniel W. February2006
WallaceDr. LeAnn September1992
WallaceJack L. March2004
WallaceJimmy L. (E7)July2018
WallaceKevin G.September2011
WallaceLarry C.August2011
WallaceMrs. Terry April1979
WallaceRandy June1981
WallaceRicky D.December2013
WallaceRussell William Rusty October2005
WallaceSarah R.May2014
WallaceSgt. William December1986
WallaceShirley B. November2012
WallaceTanya (Judge)July2019
WallaceTerry H. December1997
WallaceWilliam June2009
Wallace Jr.Calvin June2001