The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WhiteFaye MooreApril2010
WhiteGlenn Crawford July1994
WhiteGlenn Hampton November2009
WhiteGregory LeeNovember2016
WhiteHattie March1995
WhiteHoward December1971
WhiteJ. C. May1994
WhiteJ. C. "Jake"July1994
WhiteJames C. October1984
WhiteJerry L. January1976
WhiteJoyce M. August1998
WhiteKnox April1984
WhiteLawrence F. December2011
WhiteMajor Roy August1987
WhiteMargaret C. July2005
WhiteMargaret E.November2017
WhiteMarion July1997
WhiteMatthew A.May2013
WhitePastor Reginald J. November2001
WhiteRalph A. Jr.December2010
WhiteReverend King E. January2000
WhiteRhett B. November1984
WhiteRichard June1992
WhiteRichard D. December2007
WhiteRichard O.June2014
WhiteRonald Gray November2004
WhiteRuth September1984
WhiteS. B. June2008
WhiteSamuel December1996
WhiteSgt Mjr James E. October2011
WhiteShelia Medley January2013
WhiteTeresa L. (Terry)September2016
WhiteThomas C.October2015
WhiteVernon E. February2008
WhiteVirginia IreneJune2010
White Gerald Franklin Sr.August2011
White Jr.Benjamin H. August2007
White Jr.Jesse L. January1990
White-HearnRose MarieJune2013
White-OrrLorraine February2000
WhiteheadHelen P. November2002
WhiteheadJack July2001
WhiteheadJosiah June1992
WhiteheadJudith August1994
WhitehurstDr. A. L. November1995
WhitehurstGregory PaulApril2017
WhitehurstKenneth L. September2007
WhitehurstRonald Irvin June1992
Whitehurst Jr.Raymond D. January2009
WhitenerClyde JeffreyFebruary2018