The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
Wallace Jr.Calvin June2001
Wallace Jr.George R. August1971
Wallace Jr.James December1984
WallerCharles E. August2006
WallerEmanuel Jay IIIMay2011
WallerWilliam A. December1984
WallinCarol March1982
WallinCas April1980
WallinWilliam B. March1982
WallisCharlotte Pierce July1994
WallisJamee Gray July1994
WallisJamee Gray March1991
WallmanCharles J. June1967
WallrathHans Joachim June1972
WallsEllen M. September2005
WallsGary L. June1982
WallsWillie J. December2012
WallschlegerCharles H. August1992
WallyPhilip L. September2002
WalotonMarty August1982
WalserDebra B. December2011
WalserDianna Carol May2013
WalserEllen March1994
WalserW. Max October2005
WalserWilliam E. August1980
WalshDouglas Lyon December1984
WalshDr. Zane T. October2005
WalshKathleen September2009
WalshLisabeth Hollis December1984
WalstonCharles D.December2016
WalstonLinda September1982
WalstonMartha K. March2001
WalstonMartha K.March2011
WalstonMartha Kirkland October1984
WalstonSergeant Arthur R. September1999
WalstonWilliam A. May1980
WalterClifford D.April2017
WalterGeorge R. March2004
Walter H.Mason October2000
Walter Jr.S. Tompkins August1991
WaltersBilly J. February2006
WaltersDennis M.April2016
WaltersJack February1995
WaltersJack and Lois September1984
WaltersJack L. June1998
WaltersJames D.December2017
WaltersNeil September2008
Walters IIICharles S. July2005
WaltonBobby R. January1976