The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WilliamsChristine August1978
WilliamsConnie JoSeptember2012
WilliamsCraven E. May1980
WilliamsCynthia F.March2010
WilliamsCynthia L. August1996
WilliamsDan July1990
WilliamsDaniel A. October1982
WilliamsDaryl K.March2018
WilliamsDavid A.February2011
WilliamsDavid C. January1999
WilliamsDavid P. April1995
WilliamsDavid Q. May1984
WilliamsDavid R. (Dr.)February2012
WilliamsDawn B. September2009
WilliamsDeborah January2005
WilliamsDeborah MurphyJune2010
WilliamsDelbert E.December2013
WilliamsDelois W. May1998
WilliamsDewayne W.March2017
WilliamsDexter L.December2018
WilliamsDiane October1992
WilliamsDonald "D.O." February2005
WilliamsDorothenia A. November2007
WilliamsDouglas D. November1993
WilliamsDouglas M., Jr.September2018
WilliamsDr. Jay R. December1984
WilliamsDudley D. January1979
WilliamsEd September2008
WilliamsEdgar W. "Chief" June1982
WilliamsEdward L. October1984
WilliamsElizabeth M. April1994
WilliamsElzinia N. April2002
WilliamsEssic McCauley May1993
WilliamsFred G. September2008
WilliamsFreddie M.June2014
WilliamsFreddie M.June2014
WilliamsG. Sheldon April1986
WilliamsGary W.May2013
WilliamsGealda September2001
WilliamsGeorge August2002
WilliamsGeorge October1996
WilliamsGeorge W. July1982
WilliamsGladys H. September1984
WilliamsGloria T. April2007
WilliamsGreta August1980
WilliamsGwendolyn S. (MSG)May2017
WilliamsH. LataneMarch2019