The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WarrenJames Gavin June2004
WarrenJames Walker March1991
WarrenJoyce March1984
WarrenLawson S. May1984
WarrenLinda B.November2013
WarrenLois M. October2004
WarrenLydia January2009
WarrenMary Alice April1992
WarrenMichael W.March2021
WarrenOlden & Mary May1970
WarrenRichard Eugene May2003
WarrenRoy May1984
WarrenSenator Ed September2002
WarrenSenator Robert D. September2005
WarrenSheriff Ray September2001
WarrenSheryl June2009
WarrenTimothy A. (SFC)December2017
WarrenVicki Narron October2011
WarrenVirginia S. October1996
WarrenWayne A. December1990
WarrenWilliam IrvinNovember2013
Warren Jr.J. Lee September2008
Warren Jr.SFC Frank June1983
WarrickLes September1992
WarrickMargaret December1992
WarrickMargaret Jackson April1997
Warrick Jr.Jasper M. July1998
WarshauerClara March1980
WarwickRodney T.April2014
WasdellAnna Johnson April2009
Wase Jr.Martin J.April2010
WashburnChris September1987
WashingtonLinda Joyce June2012
WashingtonOliver March2016
WashingtonVeronica October1999
WashoLt. Col. William J. November1997
WasilewskiMathilde A. October1984
WaskoCassie July1992
WassonJohn M. October2008
WatanabeKazuo December1984
WatersBen December1984
WatersBobbie December1992
WatersBobbie February2012
WatersDavid R. November2001
WatersDouglas B. May2000
WatersDr. Brooks April1984
WatersEarnest LeeJanuary2018
WatersGail Rowe January2012
WatersH. Lee April1991