The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WatsonDr. George A. November1982
WatsonDr. Hugh Alfred August1980
WatsonE. MarieMay2018
WatsonFred F. April1989
WatsonGlenda J. November2004
WatsonJohn September1983
WatsonK. Maurice April2012
WatsonKathryn H. April1994
WatsonLex A. August1980
WatsonMalcolm David November2007
WatsonMalissa T.December2017
WatsonMargaret Gay August2006
WatsonMargaret Gay May1999
WatsonMarion January1982
WatsonMarvin B. September1980
WatsonMary NorwoodFebruary2013
WatsonMichael December1984
WatsonRobert C. May1979
WatsonRonald G. July2004
WatsonRonald O.December2016
WatsonRosa LeeFebruary2015
WatsonSara December1980
WatsonThomas, Jr.October2014
WatsonWilliam P. September1984
WatsonWillie M. March2005
Watson Jr.James E. July2002
Watson Jr.John C. January1984
Watson Sgt. Connie R. LMarch1983
WattReader May2011
WattWilliam PriceDecember2012
WattsBen March2000
WattsBobby C.October2014
WattsCharles "Noel"October2016
WattsDr. Calvin A. January1980
WattsDr. Walter M. March1979
WattsHowell Thomas October1995
WattsMarvin November1972
WattsMatthew J. Rick May2005
WattsRolanda April1995
WattsThomas L September2011
Watts PEPhillip M. July2007
WaughRichard H. September1984
WayPhillip M.January
WaybrightLeah Marie June1972
WaybrightNadine June1972
WaylettKathleen M.October2017
WeastJerry Dean March1996
WeastJerry Dean May1992
WeatherlyJ. F. June1972