The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WilliamsNancy November1992
WilliamsNancy J. June1993
WilliamsO'Linda W. February2004
WilliamsOkle Inez May1978
WilliamsPastor Shirley Caesar July2003
WilliamsPatricia D. August2004
WilliamsPaul (Dr.)November2014
WilliamsPhillip E. December1998
WilliamsR. D. “Dit"November1992
WilliamsRandy J. December2008
WilliamsRegina June2009
WilliamsReverend Frank April1995
WilliamsRichard (Stick)December2015
WilliamsRobert L.February2018
WilliamsRoger August2008
WilliamsRonald VanFebruary2018
WilliamsRudy D. May2003
WilliamsStanley Parker December2002
WilliamsStella CatherineDecember2015
WilliamsSterling B. November1987
WilliamsSteve December1984
WilliamsSue Mason May1996
WilliamsSusan L.May2016
WilliamsT. Darryl December1992
WilliamsTammy July1992
WilliamsTed January1981
WilliamsTennessee April1981
WilliamsTeresa A. August1980
WilliamsThomas E. October2005
WilliamsThomas J. September2000
WilliamsTiffany December1992
WilliamsTodd D.April2017
WilliamsTrina C.July2015
WilliamsTyrone T.December2013
WilliamsValarie D. January1996
WilliamsVirgil WadeDecember2014
WilliamsWalter L. September2002
WilliamsWilliams G. August1999
WilliamsWillie H. September1980
WilliamsWillie R. November2011
WilliamsWilton A. February1996
WilliamsWilton Albert May1992
WilliamsZettie Brinson March2005
Williams IIIAaron December2008
Williams Jr.Burnley M. January1996
Williams Jr.Charlie W. December2001
Williams Jr.Duvall M. August1991
Williams Jr.E. J. "Jasper" September2002
Williams Jr.Henry Clay August2003