The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WigginsM. Shirley July2003
WigginsMack K., Jr.July2015
WigginsMargaret B.December2015
WigginsNorman A. May1980
WigginsNorman Adrian February1976
WigginsPaul L. June2007
WigginsR. C. June2002
WigginsSam Lee February1997
WigginsVivian M. March1981
WigginsWilliam Henry March2006
Wiggins Jr. P.E.C. O. "Lin" December2004
WiggsJon Lee March1980
WiggsTami July1992
WikeAntoinette R.December2016
WikeMatthew D.June2019
WilbanksJack W. January1976
WilderClaire KellyDecember2016
WilderHaywood NathanielJanuary2020
WilderKatherine T. April1996
WilderManly S.May2012
WilderMaxine Hinton April2001
WilderNancy H.February2012
WilderWilliam Anthony "Tony"December2013
WildersonDr. Charles B. Apri
WilesHarry G. March1976
WileyLaura Ives (Honorable)September2016
WilfongBrigadier Gary H. June2004
WilhelmLieutenant Charles E. April1995
WilkersonBruce May1983
WilkersonDaniel Earl (Fire Chief)August2015
WilkersonDora December1980
WilkersonDoris December1989
WilkersonGeorge F.April2013
WilkersonHoward L.August2012
WilkersonI. "Jim" O. March1990
WilkersonJuliette June1981
WilkersonResteyne January2002
WilkersonSandra C.November2011
Wilkerson Jr.Dr. Charles B. March1979
Wilkerson Jr.Robert B. October2007
WilkesJames M. July1995
WilkieJames F. September1992
WilkieLawrence D. November2005
WilkieRobert J. “Jack"February2002