The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
YatesBarbara Singletary June2012
YatesCurtis Beal July2002
YatesDarrell D. March1995
YatesGraham S. December1994
YatesJeanine R. December2007
YatesJohn September1980
YatesLaura AnneNovember2013
YatesLeroy W.September2016
YatesMichael W.February2018
YatesRalph EdwardSeptember2010
YatesRicky E. June2004
YatesSharon Murphy December2012
YeagerDr. J. Frank May1997
YearginAnita November2003
YearoutRobert (Dr.)April2016
YeattsJack April1983
Yeatts IIIJames C. June2009
YelleBob June1981
YeltonNathan H. November1980
YelvertonBishop Frizelle November1979
YelvertonElmer B. October1984
YelvertonG. FrankSeptember2014
YelvertonMonica December2012
YelvertonPhillip Whitney August1980
YelvertonThomas April1984
Yelverton Jr.Stanley E.December2013
YiYoung Kee October1978
YoderHarry L. June2008
YoderLarry G.November2016
YonMary A. October2000
YonemuraTerry March1994
YongueCleo A. May1998
YongueDouglas yates January2011
Yonts P.E. Woodrow L. Jr.September2011
YorkAnthony C. March2008
YorkAudrey J. August1980
YorkDonna SechrestNovember2017
YorkDr. Alan C. January2009
YorkG. Smedes January1988
YorkGlenn L. February2006
YorkGregory D.August2018
YorkHarold C. March2012
YorkJon September2011
YorkMary October1990
YorkMaurice C.April2013
YorkMichael W. February2003
YostColonel Barbara J. April1993
YostSteven RossJune2014