The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
BakerLattie December1984
BakerLinny (Dr.)March2016
BakerRobin S. September2005
BakerRoss June1995
BakerRudy October2000
BakerSheriff John May1987
BakerShirley S. June2002
BakerSidney P.August2017
BakerSteven A.July2014
BakerWilliam DouglasDecember2013
BakerWilliam R. Buddy March2003
BakerWilliam Taft July1988
Baker IIIDr. George A. May2001
Baker JrColonel Bruce H. June2005
Baker Jr.Dr. Horace Mitchell December2004
Baker Jr.Dr. Lenox May1979
Baker Jr.E. Wayne February2010
Baker Jr.John H. August2004
Baker Jr.John H. June1971
Baker Jr.Johnny AlexanderNovember2010
BakoliaGeorge December2008
BalDileep G. May2001
BalboJohnny June1974
BaldasarePaul, Jr.March2020
BaldreeEdwin M. November1992
BaldwinCharles L. May1984
BaldwinDale January2008
BaldwinDeborah December1983
BaldwinDebrah June1980
BaldwinDorothy B.June1991
BaldwinGeorge M.May2017
BaldwinGregory P.September2012
BaldwinJ. C. March1988
BaldwinJohn S. December1992
BaldwinRoger E.July2017
BalentineGrady L., Jr.May2018
BallBrad L.January2014
BallMichael H. (SFC)May2019
BallengerLynn B. November2012
BallentineBetty M.December2010
BallentineWilliam T.August2011
BallouGeorge WillApril2016
BalmerBarbara AnnNovember2018
BanderAnne GrimsleyOctober2013
BanksDuane W.September2011
BanksJane September2012
BarbeeChristopher S. July2012