The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
BarbeeCurtis L.March2014
BarbeeMillie M. November2008
BarbeeMillie M. November2009
BarbeeRuss (Sgt.)November2016
BarbeeTerry November1991
BarbeeTerry November1992
BarbeeVirginia M. March1983
BarbeeVirginia M. March1984
BarberAlden G. June1967
BarberAlden G. June1968
BarberBetty J. August1992
BarberBetty J. August1993
BarberBob June1981
BarberBob June1982
BarberDarryl P.August2013
BarberEleanor P.June2019
BarberJames O. July1998
BarberJames O. July1999
BarberJohn T. April2004
BarberJohn T. April2005
BarberMadge Daniels March1997
BarberMadge Daniels March1998
BarberPattie Page September2008
BarberPattie Page September2009
BarberR. Don May1983
BarberR. Don May1984
BarberRobert W. February1994
BarberRobert W. February1995
BarberVernalette SmithApril2019
Barber IIWilliam J.August2009
Barber IIWilliam J.August2010
Barber Jr.Mason November1991
Barber Jr.Mason November1992
BarbourBilly R. (Inspector)July2002
BarbourCharles D. June1972
BarbourCharles Ray, Jr.August2018
BarbourDeVan, IIINovember2016
BarbourDoris La June June2000
BarbourDorothy R. June1989
BarbourElizabeth M. December2004
BarbourJean Harvey September1994
BarbourJo August1992
BarbourKenneth H., Jr.January2019
BarbourKenneth Ray, Jr.February2019
BarbourMartha B.January2013
BarbourNancy N. (Dr.)January2019