The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
BarbourRobert O. August1996
BarbourTeresa M. February2011
BarbourW. Phil April2003
BarclaySFC Robert J. June1982
BarclaySFC Robert J. June1983
BardemJarrad June1985
BardemJarrad June1986
BardenL. D. May
BardenL. D. May
BardenBrenda June1985
BardenBrenda June1986
BardenBrian June1985
BardenBrian June1986
BardenCaptain Douglas May1982
BardenCaptain Douglas May1983
BareJoan Marie June1971
BareJoan Marie June1972
BareJohn F. December2010
BareJohn F. December2011
BarefootAnn December2003
BarefootCaptain R. A. August1983
BarefootColonel Robert A. December1993
BarefootDr. Verna Y. May1979
BarefootGeorge Ronald January1997
BarefootJoe July2005
BarefootJoy May2003
BarefootLarry W. August2000
BarefootNapoleon B. July1993
BarefootWarren Wayne June2007
BarefootWesta H.
Barefoot Jr. Napoleon BonaparteDecember2012
BarfieldJohn C. September2012
Barfield Sr.Alfred L. September2002
Barfield Sr.Alfred L. September2003
Bargamian AugustJohn 19701971
BarhamBaranda Y.September2017
BarhamJeanette P.January2014
BarhamLinda H. November2012
BarhamMichael ClayJuly2016
BarhamRoyce G., Jr.June2018
BarickFrank B.March2015
BarkerBradley S. May1994
BarkerBrenda P. October2000
BarkerElizabeth A.October2013
BarkerJohn December1983
BarkerJohn A. July1980
BarkerJohn P. December2006