The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
YorkMaurice C.April2013
YorkMichael W. February2003
YostColonel Barbara J. April1993
YostSteven RossJune2014
YounceThomas September1992
YoungAmb Andrew November2002
YoungAmy MariaJanuary2016
YoungBeth W. October2006
YoungBetty Jo December1999
YoungBob September1982
YoungCaptain Eugene D. May1983
YoungCarol Ann December2012
YoungCharles R. March1987
YoungConnie and Carlos May1999
YoungDebra H.February2018
YoungDennis August2001
YoungDonne May1984
YoungDr. Jane D. June1996
YoungDr. Ralph A. June1995
YoungDrew MacKenzie, IIJanuary2016
YoungGeorge E.August2017
YoungGregory E. July2012
YoungHarry N. March1996
YoungHonorable Andy June1983
YoungJames P. December1999
YoungJanice JordanApril2019
YoungJean B. June2004
YoungJeffrey L.February2013
YoungJoe December1984
YoungJohn Dilbon, Jr.November2017
YoungJudy December1992
YoungL. June1981
YoungLewis G. April2001
YoungLt. E. D. December1971
YoungNorma R. January2011
YoungReuben F. December2012
YoungReuben F. January2009
YoungReverend Robert T. June1981
YoungRonald E. July2005
YoungRoy A. February2008
YoungTonia L. January1992
YoungTroy DeVanJanuary2018
YoungVerne August1971
YoungVicky T. December1992
YoungWilliam C. April1996
YoungWood HallJanuary2015
Young IIIRobert V. July2001
Young Jr. Floyd D.January2011
Young Jr.Mayor R. G. Chick December2003