The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
BaileyLouis T.August2016
BaileyLouise Howe September2009
BaileyMartha Bellamy June1985
BaileyMartha Cone June1998
BaileyMichael D.March2015
BaileyMona Humphries March1982
BaileyRachel December1992
BaileyReverend W. D. June1994
BaileyS. S. June1972
BaileyShelby L. August1994
BaileyStephen T.April2010
BaileyTerry February2012
BaileyThurl September1985
BaileyTodd October1992
BaileyWilla S. July1992
Bailey Jr.Kincheon H. August1971
Bailey Sr.Lloyd RichardAugust2013
BainTammy May1980
BaineJames E. June1993
BairdCharles P. May2000
BairdDr. N. G. October1976
BaityJohn C. May2001
BajorekMichael J.January2019
BakerDr. Lenox Dece
BakerRobert Flowers June
BakerAlton L. October2012
BakerBarbara S. December2011
BakerBertha G. May2012
BakerBetty M. December1992
BakerBetty W.September2013
BakerBrenda G. December2006
BakerBrenda G.May2016
BakerCaptain B. A. August1983
BakerCarol R. April1988
BakerDenise McIntire October2009
BakerDr. Lenox D. June1988
BakerEdna Earle Lewis September2003
BakerEdna M. June1994
BakerEdward G. October1982
BakerElizabeth U. November1994
BakerF. Richard November1992
BakerGordon R. March2012
BakerHoyie U. May2002
BakerJames June1979
BakerJohn M.December2017
BakerJuanita May2005
BakerJuanita H. December1995