The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
AntonelliGeorge October1980
AnukwuGeorge E. September1980
AppanaitisKitty May2004
AppersonAllan G. (SGM)June2014
AppleDonna June2004
ApplePatricia "Pattie"May2017
ApplewhiteSue January1988
ApplewhiteSue August2010
ApplingJeffrey S.April2017
ArauzCarlos G. August1979
ArchRonald August1971
ArcherJanie S. March1996
ArcherJeffrey S.December2017
ArcherSue October2000
ArdJames SolomonJune2020
AremburgRay June1981
ArledgeRalph October1992
ArmfieldPhillip E.August2014
Armistead Jr.Eugene Walker April2002
ArmourE. Lee December2000
ArmstrongAlmetta May1984
ArmstrongAlmita October1980
ArmstrongCouncil J., Jr.August2015
ArmstrongF. L. June1981
ArmstrongFlorence Arnold (Dr.) March2012
ArmstrongJanet F. August1980
ArmstrongLois November2004
ArmstrongMichael D. January2003
Armstrong-ColemanSarah MooreNovember2011
ArmwoodCheryl L. August1980
ArndtJeffery A.May2014
ArndtKatherine S.November2021
ArneyDr. Lawrence October1984
Arnn Sr.David F. December2005
ArnoldAngela M. January2003
ArnoldBarbara June2002
ArnoldCarl F. May1971
ArnoldChester W. May1996
ArnoldEvon F. May2002
ArnoldLarry (Dr.)May2022
ArnoldLeonard June2008
ArnoldMike December2012
ArnoldSteve September1995
ArnoldWilliam Everett March2012
Arnold & SonsWilliam & JoyceDecember1979
Arrant Jr.Captain Frank W. April1999
ArringtonAnthony June2009