The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
WilliamsJohn C. January1976
WilliamsJohn D. August1996
WilliamsJohn D. August1998
WilliamsJohn M. August2000
WilliamsJohn R. February2002
WilliamsJohnetha A.April2013
WilliamsJohnny H. January2006
WilliamsJohnny L. February2002
WilliamsJohnny Myron, Sr.November2022
WilliamsJonathan S.April2017
WilliamsJoseph A. January2001
WilliamsJulie July1989
WilliamsJulie D. September2019
WilliamsKatherine H.June2013
WilliamsKathryn M.March2020
WilliamsKathryn M.February2021
WilliamsKay PhillipsOctober2012
WilliamsKay W.June2012
WilliamsKelly L. January2009
WilliamsKenny (Captain)March2011
WilliamsKimberly W.October2022
WilliamsKizzie D. June1984
WilliamsLambert May1984
WilliamsLanier October1992
WilliamsLarry AlbertMarch2016
WilliamsLarry T.December2019
WilliamsLaura April1988
WilliamsLaura GardnerNovember2017
WilliamsLaverne A. April2009
WilliamsLena C.January2022
WilliamsLeonard M.August2017
WilliamsLinda M. December2004
WilliamsLinda M. January2001
WilliamsMae R. October1982
WilliamsMajor General Harvey D. August1996
WilliamsMalcom R.March2010
WilliamsMarc February1995
WilliamsMariah June1983
WilliamsMarie Futrell November2006
WilliamsMarietta January2009
WilliamsMartha May1989
WilliamsMartin C. Jr.August2012
WilliamsMartina G.December2011
WilliamsMarvin A.January2017
WilliamsMarvin E. December2009
WilliamsMary S. March1984
WilliamsMaurice L. (CMSgt)December2017
WilliamsMax April1982