The Order of the Long Leaf Pine Roster

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Last NameFirst NameAward MonthAward Year
AmisHelen CurrinMarch2019
AmlinDave June1982
AmmonsA. E. January1998
AmmonsGeorge Thomas October1999
AmmonsJames F., Jr. (The Honorable)May2014
AmmonsR. J. April1996
AmosDouglas B.January2019
AmosLorri A.April2011
AnandJagmohan "Jaggy"December2016
Anderon Jr.John J. October2003
AndersArchie W. August2000
AndersDavid R.November2021
AndersW. Cloyce October2002
AndersenKimberly MarieDecember2018
AndersonA. Leo May1967
AndersonBarbara E. November1997
AndersonBecky December2012
AndersonBeverly W. January2013
AndersonBilly G. August1992
AndersonBishop Herman L. February1985
AndersonDwayne December1984
AndersonElizabeth Theiling March2010
AndersonEmma June2010
AndersonErik M. December1986
AndersonFranklin B. October1992
AndersonFranklin R. October1992
AndersonHerman February1982
AndersonHolt February1995
AndersonJ. C. June1972
AndersonJerry D. August1979
AndersonJimmy E. January2008
AndersonJoseph (Lt. Gen.)May2015
AndersonLeo (Sergeant Major)May2016
AndersonLeslie January1985
AndersonLinda December1992
AndersonMarguerite T. December2003
AndersonMr. & Mrs. Lowell May1970
AndersonPaula M.October2022
AndersonPeggy R. December2009
AndersonRicky L.September2011
AndersonRobert C. July2012
AndersonRon September1985
AndersonSherri B. June2010
AndersonSusan C. August1996
AndersonVinton R. July2000
AndersonWillis G. February1996
Anderson Jr.A. P. May1996